AR-FAQ - Introduction

Welcome to the Animal Rights Frequently Asked Questions text (AR FAQ). This FAQ is intended to satisfy two basic goals:

a) to provide a source of information and encouragement for people exploring the issues involved in the animal rights movement, and

b) to answer the common questions and justifications offered up by AR opponents.

It is unashamedly an advocacy vehicle for animal rights. Opponents of AR are invited to create a FAQ that codifies their views; we do not attempt to do so here. The FAQ restricts itself specifically to AR issues; nutrition and other vegetarian/veganism issues are intentionally avoided because they are already well covered in the existing vegetarianism and veganism FAQs maintained by Michael Traub. To obtain these FAQs, contact Michael at his e-mail address given below. The FAQ was created through a collaboration of authors. The answers have been attributed via initials, as follows:

  • TA Ted Altar
  • JE Jonathan Esterhazy
  • DG Donald Graft
  • JEH John Harrington
  • DVH Dietrich Von Haugwitz
  • LJ Leor Jacobi
  • LK Larry Kaiser
  • JK Jeremy Keens
  • BL Brian Luke
  • PM Peggy Madison
  • BRO Brian Owen
  • JSD Janine Stanley-Dunham
  • JLS Jennifer Stephens
  • MT Michael Traub
  • AECW Allen
  • ARVP AR-Views Panel
  • ARFAQE AR-FAQ Editor ar-faq @

In addition to these attributed text fragments, the FAQ contains many quotes from prominent figures from the present and past. These quotes are attributed using "--". For example, "--Thomas Edison".

The current FAQ maintainer is Ideas and criticisms are actively solicited and will be very gratefully received. The material included here is released to the public domain. We request that it be distributed without alteration to respect the author attributions. If you want to be notified about changes in the AR-FAQ e.g. you want to mirror this site, please send a mail to ar-faq @ with "ar-faq notify" as subject.