AR-FAQ - #41

#41 There is some evidence of consciousness in insects; aren't you descending to absurdity to tell people not to kill insects?

Enfranchising insects does not mean it is never justifiable to kill them. As with all threats to a being, the rule of self-defense applies. If insects are threatening one's well-being in a nontrivial way, AR philosophy would not assert that it is wrong to eliminate them. Pesticides and herbicides are often used for mass destruction of insect populations. While this might be defended on the self-defense principle, one should be aware of the significant adverse impact on the environment, on other non-threatening animals, and indeed on our own health. (Refer to question #59 for more on the use of insecticides.) It is not absurd to attempt to minimize the amount of suffering that we inflict or cause. DG

We should begin to feel for the flies and other insects struggling to be free from sticky fly paper. There are humane alternatives. Michael W. Fox (Vice President of HSUS)

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