AR-FAQ - #73

#73 But isn't it true that animals are well cared for and wouldn't perform if they weren't happy?

Refer to questions #72 and #74 to see that entertainment animals are generally not well cared for. For centuries people have known that punishment can induce animals to perform. The criminal justice system is based on the human rationality in connecting the act of a crime or wrongdoing with a punishment. Many religions are also based, among other aspects, on a fear of punishment. Fear leads most of us to act correctly, on the whole. The same is true for other animals. Many years of unnecessary and repetitive psychology experiments with Skinner boxes (among other gadgets) have demonstrated that animals will learn to do things, or act in certain ways (that is, be conditioned) to avoid electric shocks or other punishment. Animals do need to have their basic food requirements met, otherwise they sicken and die, but they don't need to be "happy" to perform certain acts; fear or desire for a reward (such as food) will make them do it. JK

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