AR-FAQ - #93

#93 What organizations can I join to support AR?

  There are hundreds of AR-related organizations scattered around the
globe. In addition, there are many vegetarian and vegan groups. This
FAQ is already too long to list all of these groups. 

You can find an almost comprehensive directory of AR-related organizations in the World Animal Net Directory (WAND). The most actual version is available online at It's also available as a hard copy ISBN 0-9670620-0-4 (USA $27.50 . CAN $40.00 . EU E25.00 UK L16.50)

For a full listing of vegetarian and vegan groups worldwide, refer to the IVU

This FAQ used to provide a list of AR-related groups in the United States and the United Kingdom. The data on US organizations came from the book "The Animal Rights Handbook", Berkley Books, New York, 1993, ISBN 0-425-13762-7. The data was no longer up to date. The WAND provides more countries, more organizations and more actual information. DG/AECW/ARVP